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Driving Glasses

More Confidence and Less Glare for Night Driving

Glasses that are designed with Driving in mind is the key to confidence behind the wheel and that's uniquely available through Robert Callander's new lens technology.

Reduced Glare from oncoming headlights

Visual Comfort and Confidence

All round Clear Vision

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Many drivers who wear glasses no longer enjoy driving. They experience fatigue on longer journeys, lack confidence in busy situations and actively avoid driving at night.

  • We hear of passengers feeling nervous because the driver missed a turning when they didn't see the sign.
  • Have you ever felt the tension build in your shoulders because you're gripping the wheel tighter and tighter as you concentrate in busy traffic?
  • Poor driver's vision is a factor in 2900 Road Traffic Accidents every year on UK roads 

  • 3 out of 5 motorists feel affected by poor vision behind he wheel.
  • More than 15% of road collisions involve a driver with substandard vision.
  • 73% of drivers report that they have experienced visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights.

We believe you deserve clear, comfortable vision when you're driving. We believe a relaxed, confident driver is a safe driver

Robert Callander FBDO is the UK's leading expert in Driver's Eyewear and a self-declared Petrol-Head. 

As both a Qualified Optician and a car enthusiast with 35 years experience as both a driver and an optician, I have experienced just about every situation you're ever likely to meet on the road 

By considering these Five Critical Factors of Driver's Eyewear we can make driving a pleasure for you again.

1) Optics designed for maximum field of vision. Aiming to deliver unlimited clear vision in all directions. 

2) Reduce Glare from oncoming car headlights with an option to attenuate the excess Blue of modern car headlights up to 410nm.

 3) Improved low-light and night vision through a combination of contrast enhancing filters and specifically tuned coatings. 

4) Safer judgment of Speed and Distance through 3-D optimised lens pairs. 

5) Perfectly fitted, lightweight, unobtrusive frames that keep out of your way and let you get on with driving.

3 Simple Steps to Driving like a champion.

We'll make it Easy to get glasses that improve your Vision, restore your Confidence and bring back the Fun of driving.

Call now to book your no-obligation chat with our expert team

You will be made welcome in our lovely practice where we'll talk through all of your driver's eyewear concerns over a coffee. It's relaxed half hour totally focused on YOU.

Choose Your Perfect Driver's Eyewear

We'll lead you by the hand, making it fun and easy to choose beautiful glasses that fit perfectly and deliver driving comfort.

Drive Away Happy!

In just a couple of weeks you'll be enjoying the open road, regardless of the conditions. The only question remaining will be Why didn't you do this sooner?

Guaranteed Joy 

If for any reason you find that the fit or style of your frame is uncomfortable, or if you have any problems with the lenses within 30 days of collecting your new glasses, you can choose an alternative frame and/or lenses that will be more comfortable for you. All at no charge.

All of our frames and lenses have manufacturer supported 24 month Guarantees ensuring they are technically correct and free of any defects. 


Let's go over the Route Plan again...

Glasses designed with Driving in mind
Maximum Field of Vision
Reduced Glare
Better at Night and in Low Light
Safer judgment of Speed
Improved Spacial Awareness
Looking good in frames that stay out of your way
Quality Guarantee
Happy Driver Guarantee

You get all of the above, delivered in a Friendly yet Professional way when you CALL us TODAY!

choose The Best Specs You’ve Ever Had

Eyewear Designed with Driving in Mind

Choose from one of our Driver's Packages below or chat with us about a more individually tailored solution.

Essential Night

Driver's Varifocal lenses
Driver's Coatings
3-D Digital Measurement
Hand Fitted
Lightweight Titanium Frame
Case, Cloth & Cleaner

Essential Day & Night

Essential Night package PLUS Driver's Varifocal Sunglasses Tinted, Coated, UV400 Lightweight Titanium Frame

Porsche Design Day & Night

1 Pair Clear & 1 Pair Tinted Driver's Varifocal lenses enhanced with A.I. Premium Coatings
Full 3-D Digital Measurement and Hand Fitting
Complete in Porsche Design Frames

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