Eyewear Fitting

Your new eyewear will be digitally measured and hand fitted to ensure it’s perfect for you

Precision and quality are of the utmost importance when it comes to creating new eyewear. That’s why here at Robert Callander Optician we were early adopters of the accuracy of Digital Measuring and Fitting Technology, long before most other opticians in the UK.

In May 2014 we upgraded and acquired the first Rodenstock ImpressionIST3 in Scotland.  This piece of equipment measures your chosen frame in your preferred position of wear, and locates your eyes in relation to the rims to ensure that they fit you impeccably.

We have held Zeiss Relaxed Vision Centre status since 2007, offering ultra-precise measurements and eyewear creation that is bespoke to each individual patient. Research by Zeiss shows that lenses fitted with digital accuracy can deliver up to a 40% improvement in your field of view – in other words, lenses that fit you properly will provide a better visual experience.

The outcome of a visit to our practice is the best possible comfort and visual clarity to a standard that cannot be rivaled. As Robert himself puts it, “You could buy exactly the same frame and lenses to your prescription in another opticians practice, but I would expect you to see better and more comfortably through mine!