We continually invest in lens equipment and technology to make sure you always receive the best possible product


We continually invest in lens equipment and technology to make sure you always receive the best possible product

Not all lenses are the same. Just like anything else you may buy, they come in a variety of qualities at a variety of prices. These days we can often demonstrate the differences from one design to another using iPad apps, clearly showing you what to expect from your new lenses. We’ll use our experience to help you navigate your options, and ensure you get the right eyewear at the right price. We are proud to offer some of the best lenses from the world’s finest manufacturers, to ensure you consistently have an excellent visual experience; all our lenses automatically come with anti-reflection coatings as standard. Combined with our expertise and advice, and precise 3D measuring equipment, it would be hard to find a practice better placed to provide you with the ideal eyewear for you.

We continually invest in lens equipment and technology
precise 3D measuring equipment
deal eyewear for you

During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your typical daily activities, lifestyle and preferred hobbies with our team, which could all impact the type of lenses that would be most suitable for you and your prescription. For example, if your job involves spending most of your day sitting at a computer, then office lenses could be ideal as they offer comfortable intermediate vision (the distance of your computer screen from your eyes).

Alternatively, if you require different prescriptions for near and distance vision, varifocal lenses could be the solution. This type of lens combines two focusing powers (at the top and bottom of the lens) with a seamless transition in the middle. Robert is particularly interested in varifocal performance and takes pride in his success rate of matching the ideal lens to his client’s needs.

If you spend a lot of time outside, or are particularly sensitive to harsh light, you might consider having a photochromic tint added to your lenses. This treatment is clear indoors, but darkens outside on exposure to the sun. You’ll benefit from the convenience of not having to swap between normal glasses and sunglasses, as well as the knowledge that your eyes are automatically protected from UV damage whatever the weather.