February 2021, Los Angeles (?)

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Once upon a time, way back in 1979 as it happens, on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds got together to open an eyewear business and L.A.Eyeworks was born. Since then they have combined their experience as opticians and retailers to create wonderfully innovative eyewear designs. So much so that they have almost cult status among movie stars, musicians and creative-types all over the world.

L.A.Eyeworks produce limited edition spectacle frames which are available through select eyewear retailers (that's us!) worldwide. They have been a great success with our clients here in Linlithgow for several years now and have built a loyal following. The thing is, they know it and we know it, L.A.Eyeworks frames command quite a high price. I'd contend that they are worth every penny because they are beautifully designed, skilfully crafted and expertly engineered to fit well and last for years. Plus they are stop-you-in-the-street gorgeous.

February 2021, Los Angeles (?)

During 2020 Gai and Barbara embarked on a new project.

Lets try that again...

In 2020 Gai and Barbara began a new chapter with FICTION.

Blending time honoured shaping with a refined, contemporary sensibility, the FICTION collection of prescription eyewear gleams with enticing colours, intriguing construction and compelling attention to detail. The choices offered by FICTION are carefully designed to appeal to individuals seeking distinctive, stylish glasses.

Because every face tells a story.

We are delighted to introduce FICTION here at Robert Callander Eyewear. And it's very exciting because we don't bring in a complete new collection very often and there has to be a good reason.

Robert Callander, February 2021

We've added FICTION to our portfolio primarily for our existing clients who already have beautiful frames for their everyday glasses that they wear most of the time but have realised that they would benefit from a secondary pair. FICTION offers premium character and style but at a mid-range price making them ideal to pair up with Office lenses to look amazing on your Zoom calls. In the last few months we've had so many people coming to us to help them deal with the demands of increased screen time and in particular, Video Calls. As often as not, those clients want help with how their glasses look as well as getting their vision right.

We see FICTION also appealing to those who aspire to owning luxury frames but can't justify the price, especially those who don't wear their glasses full time. FICTION gives that L.A.Eyeworks signature look at a more modest price.

And finally, we like their ethics and social conscience. A share of the proceeds from each FICTION frame will be donated to charity to encourage literacy among underprivileged children.

Our skill is balancing your Visual Needs, individual Facial Characteristics and Style Preferences. It’s never just about the frame. A frame on a shelf is only a half-finished product. The real magic is in assembling a stunning piece of eyewear with your prescription lenses, as thin, flat and lightweight as optically possible, in a frame colour and shape that combines with your face and personality to say exactly what you want it to say about you.


If you would like to see and try FICTION frames. Or if you'd like us to help with better glasses for Zoom, FaceTime & Skype give us a call on 01506 670766 and we'll look after you.

Best wishes,