January 2021, Linlithgow

Happy New Year from Claudine, Emily and myself.
I hope that you're all well. I hope that you're finding something positive in these current, strange times. 2021 has certainly got off to a very cold start but it is beautiful out there. And that's what we are all about; helping you seet he beauty that surrounds you.

I want to give you an update because with the current lockdown restrictions there's a lot of confusion. I want to reassure you that we are here to help you with anything you need relating to your eyes and your eyewear.

Any eye reated concerns, an eye examination if you need one, new glasses, sunglasses, adjustments and repairs - we can help you with all of that. The only thing is that I need you to call in advance and book an appointment. Please don't show up at the door. We can't have a conversation with you through the door. Simply phone or email and we'll look after you.

Robert Callander, news January 2021, Linlithgow
The practice is 'clinically clean'. My aim is that it should be the safest place you can be outside of your own home.

We have:

> a thorough cleaning regime

> hand sanitsers by each doorway

> discrete prespex screens in strategic places

> diagnostic and digital measuring technology that allows us

to keep our distance

> appropriate NHS PPE (aprons, masks, gloves, etc.)

And you'll be the only person in for the duration of your appointment.

All we ask of you is to arrive on time wearing a face covering.

January 2021 news
The most talked about eye and glasses related problems over the past few months have been to do with increased computer use and increased screen-time. Many people are working and living with their face in front of a screen all day. The problems include dry, tired eyes of course but we're also hearing about back and neck aches and fatigue.

Often this is caused by using glasses designed for everyday life; a bit of TV, some driving, some book-reading, cooking, sports and a little time on the laptop. But now those same spectacles are being used for extended hours at the VDU and they are just not cut out for it. You can take your Christmas Tree to the dump in your family car but you wouldn't want to haul logs in it every day! Just as there are trucks designed for that job, there are spectacles designed for computer use and working in your home office. They take it in their stride to focus clearly and comfortably at the screen and easily switch your gaze to your keyboard or notepad.

Meanwhile, we're attracting new clients who are finding themselves a little embarrassed at how dull and tired their old frames look on Zoom calls. They've noticed family, friends and colleagues are looking bright and funky in gorgeous glasses which flatter them by accentuating their good looks.

Obviously, we can help you with that! 

In summary, If you have any concerns about your eyes, your eye health or if you've noticed changes in your vision call us on 01506 670766.

If you're not seeing as well as you did for driving, getting tired after a little while reading or on the internet call us on 01506 670766.

If you can't see the subtitles on TV ...

Or if you want to update your look and make Zoom calls a treat we are looking forward to helping you with that too.