May 2020, At Home

Robert Callander News, May 2020

How are things with you? Are you managing to make the most of this down time? 

It’s almost seven weeks since we last had the practice doors open to look after your eyes and your glasses. Wasn’t it shocking how fast we went from the threat of a virus and a few jokes about loo-rolls to the country grinding to a halt?

Fortunately the weather has been pretty decent and I’ve been able to get a few hours out in the garden almost every day. I really feel for those who don’t have a garden and especially for those who have to keep children entertained and occupied through this.

The game we play at home almost every day is: “What’s the FIRST thing you want to do when lockdown gets lifted?”


My choice would be a day trip to St Andrews. Myself, Mrs C. & Harry (the labrador) would start with a walk and a bit of chasing the frisbee along the glorious West Sands before heading towards the town. Coming off the beach we’d go up to the cafe above the Golf Museum which has one of the world’s best views. I’m not a golfer but the view from there across the R&A is inspiring. Turn slightly to your right and you’re in Chariots of Fire!

We’d then walk along The Scores trying to see if the sea-lion was out at the aquarium before turning up one of the Wynds, crossing North Street towards Market Street. We’d turn right to make our way slowly around the block checking out the interesting, independent shops of which there are many. But, and this is important, we’d NOT go to Topping & Co’s book shop. At least not yet - because books are heavy and we don’t want to carry them all day.

Having had enough of the shops, and invariably bought something that now needs carried, it’s about time for lunch. Cromar’s does an excellent fish supper (‘supper’ at lunchtime!?) which we’ll hurry to get down to the little cove beside the Castle to eat before it gets cold. A wander down to the harbour, a Magnum from the shack at the wee bridge and meander back up to town via The Pends while marvelling at the Cathedral. By this time we’re ready for a coffee before heading back to the beach, making sure this time that we do stop at Topping’s to browse the books.

Let us know - what’s the first thing YOU would like to do when you’re back in the free world?

Email me about what you’re missing most. I’m sure I can find a wee something for my favourite.

Just so you know, I’m at the practice every day except Sunday for a few hours. I’m checking and responding to emails and voice messages. I’ve arranged delivery of glasses for several people who had work already in the pipeline, given care & advice to people worried about their eyes, directed a few who had problems to specialist centres and carried out repairs for people. If you have any concerns about your eyes or need your glasses serviced or repaired please get in touch. I can’t see you ‘in person’ but there are still many ways that I can help.
One area raising a lot of inquiries is sunglasses. The good news is that I can arrange to get sunglasses for you. Both ready-to-wear and made to prescription options are available. Phone (leave a message) or email and I’ll get back to you and talk about how to make that happen. Same if you need spare or replacement glasses - there’s a lot I can still do.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe,